Updating the blog again, finally!

I’ve spent the past year living out of a hotel room, courtesy of my job. It was wonderful for the first two weeks and beyond tedious for the following 11 months. On the bright side, I have enough hotel points to have several weeks of free hotel stays! On the downside, I didn’t have access to a kitchen and ate out for three meals a day. If I never eat at another restaurant for the rest of my life (or at least the next 6 months), I will be content. I have truly missed my kitchen and the simple joy of a home cooked meal. Even the thought of a kaak with my morning caffeine seemed like the most luxurious of experiences as I sipped many sad lattes from Starbucks, accompanied by their dismal pastry selections. (FYI, I’m a Starbucks shareholder and I need to write them a strongly worded letter after trying 95% of their cafe items.) I started mentally concocting latte recipes to vicariously enjoy in my imagination and ranked every hot caffeinated beverage I have ever tasted.

In honor of being reunited with my kitchen and caffeine accoutrements, I am going to blog about coffee and tea over the next few weeks. Stay tuned for my upcoming post, Libyan coffee!


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