My name is Soumiea and I have all five vowels in my name. I love books, tea and math. I am an engineer. I am an amateur photographer (see my amateurish book here). My family is from Libya, although I have never lived there. Home has been Alabama, upstate New York and Arizona. I have recently moved to Germany and I spend at least five minutes every day missing America.

One of the most important parts of my life is my love of cooking and baking. It is a gift that I have inherited from my beautiful and amazing mother. My mama has been and will always be my greatest inspiration. She taught me the joy of cooking for friends, family and strangers. She showed me how to take simple ingredients and create the most delectable dishes. She taught me that cooking should have no borders because the best foods are a fusion of international recipes, ingredients and techniques. She passed on her family recipes of Libyan dishes and shared her dozens of cookbooks with me. But the most important lesson that I have learned from her is that the simple act of cooking can be the greatest expression of love. And this blog is how I will share my love.