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A Fried, Potato Sandwich – Libyan Imbattin

Imbattin is made of a spicy ground beef filling, nestled between two slices of potato, dipped in a tomato-infused batter and fried.

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An Eid Tradition – Libyan Magrood (Semolina, Date & Honey Cookies) 

Libyan Magrood is a delicate semolina cookie stuffed with dates, soaked in a honey-syrup, and sprinkled with sesame seeds. It melts in your mouth and is perfect with a hot cup of tea.

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Simple Salads, Part 1 – Summer Orzo Salad

June always seems like a pasta salad kind of month to me. It’s the perfect picnic food and a refreshingly cool meal on a hot summer day.  I firmly believe that pasta salads must include three ingredients: juicy tomatoes, tart lemon juice, and rich olive oil. Cheese is an added bonus. And I really like… Continue reading Simple Salads, Part 1 – Summer Orzo Salad

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Tastes Like Summer – Libyan Aslooz

Aslooz is one of my favorite summertime dishes. It’s a couscous-based dish and I love couscous; however, only steamed couscous. If you haven’t eaten steamed couscous, you just haven’t truly tasted real couscous. Steamed couscous has a delicous fluffiness to it that you cannot achieve with any other cooking method. Someone once served me a couscous… Continue reading Tastes Like Summer – Libyan Aslooz

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A Dreamy Pasta Bake – Makroona Béchamel

One of the best, yet underrated, comfort foods is a baked pasta. Consider lasagna, manicotti, stuffed shells, baked ziti and many other random dishes of baked pasta that are usually thrown together without a recipe. All of them are warm, delicious and…baked. And makroona béchamel is another one to add to the list. This dish… Continue reading A Dreamy Pasta Bake – Makroona Béchamel

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Rooz fil Furoon (Libyan Rice Casserole)

Back when I worked 50-60 hour work weeks as a process engineer, I always craved a homemade dinner. Unfortunately, when you are living alone…you have to make that homemade meal yourself. After being at work 9-10 hours, I really didn’t have the energy to cook something that took long or required a lot of effort.… Continue reading Rooz fil Furoon (Libyan Rice Casserole)