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Ramadan Nights – Mhalabeeya

Ramadan in the summer calls for a refreshing dessert that is both light and cool. Here in Germany, our fasting days are 19 hours long. From 3am to 9:50pm. Honestly, I have no interest in food on these long summer days. All I really want is a tall glass of ice-cold water or iced tea.… Continue reading Ramadan Nights – Mhalabeeya


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Coffee Break Nomnoms – Arshella (Almond-Anise Biscotti)

Lattes, cappucinos and tea are essential parts of my life. I need at least one of these each day and it has nothing to do with a caffeine fix. Unfortunately, caffeine does absolutely nothing for me. However, the act of holding and leisurely sipping a warm cup of something is so comforting that I need the… Continue reading Coffee Break Nomnoms – Arshella (Almond-Anise Biscotti)