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My Favorite Kind of Date: Stuffed Dates, Three Ways

Dates are an integral part of my life. And by dates, I mean the fruit and not a romantic evening out. If you have never had a date, I suggest you buy yourself some medjool dates and give them a try. They have a lovely caramel taste to them. When I am trying to be… Continue reading My Favorite Kind of Date: Stuffed Dates, Three Ways


A Memorable Beverage – Karak Tea

I still remember the first time I tried Karak tea. I was in Dubai with my family and we were wandering around Global Village, admiring many of the different cultures from around the world. We wandered through a souk in Morocco, listened to music in Egypt, enjoyed the tastes of Jordan, admired the architecture in China, watched dancers in Thailand,… Continue reading A Memorable Beverage – Karak Tea